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L.C. Ireland is an educator, playwright, artist, and author of Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy. All of her works can be found and purchased on this website. This website also houses her blog for book reviews and author resources. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected!


“The Games You Cannot Win” by M.K. Williams

Overall Rating:  Cover Rating: Effective. Aside from the words "A Collection of Stories" being too difficult to read along the bottom, I found the cover fit the content quite nicely. I will admit, I wasn't really excited to read this book. I didn't much enjoy the last...

I Am Not A Licked Cupcake

I am going to take a turn from my usual topics about writing and publishing to talk about something really personal.  I want to tell you of a very personal struggle that nearly consumed my life. This is a story about a cupcake, abuse, and years of hurt and turmoil....

Cover Reveal! Follow the Music

I am so excited to finally be able to reveal the cover of my second novel, Follow the Music. I absolutely adore this cover, designed by me and illustrated by the incredibly talented Fariza Dzatalin. She took my vision and made it pop! I have been dying to share it...

What is Middle Grade Fiction?

I recently announced the upcoming release of my second book, Follow the Music. Unlike my first book, which would be categorized as a Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy, Follow the Music is a Middle Grade Fantasy. The use of the term "Middle Grade" has raised some...

“I, Girl X” by Annalise Grey

Carleigh’s younger brother is suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness that is tearing her family apart. Carleigh turns to her journal for support in this emotional and stirring novel in verse.

Coming Soon…

Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Ama is a talented, young musician whose life is changed forever when she is kidnapped by bandits and wounded so badly that she loses her hearing. Far from home and newly deafened, Ama discovers that the music she has been learning all her life possesses hidden powers. The music may even be powerful enough to guide Ama home … if she can learn to listen without hearing.