I am so excited to finally be able to reveal the cover of my second novel, Follow the Music. I absolutely adore this cover, designed by me and illustrated by the incredibly talented Fariza Dzatalin. She took my vision and made it pop! I have been dying to share it with everyone. It was so hard to wait until the official release date!

Follow the Music

Middle Grade Fantasy
recommended for ages 8+

Synopsis: Ama is a talented, young musician whose life is changed forever when she is kidnapped by bandits and wounded so badly that she loses her hearing. Far from home and newly deafened, Ama discovers that the music she has been learning all her life possesses hidden powers. The music may even be powerful enough to guide Ama home … if she can learn to listen without hearing.

Follow the Music will be available on March 7, 2017.

You can pre-order the Kindle edition HERE.

Or you can claim a limited First Edition signed paperback HERE.




Follow the Music

“Ama tried to hear. She tried to hear the words spoken by the girl with the honey-brown eyes, who held out her hands to push her back down when she tried to sit up. She tried to hear her own ragged breaths as panic welled inside her. She strained to hear the music that had accompanied and defined every moment of her life. But she heard nothing.


And that’s when Ama knew, absolutely knew, that she wasn’t dead. Because Ama’s mother had always told her that Heaven was made of music. And this strange place was nothing but silence. The quiet was so loud that Ama wondered if sound had ever existed.

She couldn’t even hear herself scream.”