Review Policy

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have recently been inundated with more requests than I can handle. Until I can work my way through my backlog of books, I am currently closed to new requests.

Would you like me to read and review your book? I am open to working with authors, publishers, publicists, and literary agents, with preference being given to indie authors and small independent publishing houses.

Each of my reviews will include the following: a picture of the cover, how I got the book (whether I bought it, downloaded it free, was gifted a copy, or given a copy to review), a brief summary of the book (I will try to avoid spoilers), my honest overall opinion, pros and cons, and links to where the book can be purchased.

Please note that I will not accept every request I am sent. I may not have time to review every request or the specific book just might not interest me. I reserve the right to refuse any book review requests for any reason.

Reading Preferences

I am a pretty open-minded reader and enjoy a wide scope of different genres, including playscripts and poetry. Please keep in mind, however, that my followers tend to skew young and/or conservative. I deliberately left ‘romance‘ off this list because I have found the majority of them to be too “adult” for my audience. Books without much vulgar language and without “adult” scenes tend to get much better ratings from me.

The following are the genres I will read and review on this blog:

Young Adult
Paranormal Fantasy
Middle Grade
Children’s Books
How to Draw/Illustrate/Craft Books
Self Help
Art Books
Graphic Novels and Comics
Historical Fiction
Contemporary Fiction

The following are genres I will not read and review:


If your book does not fall into any of the above genres, you can email me at and I will let you know if I might be interested in reading it. 


I will accept books in print and mobi format (I have a Kindle Fire). I will also purchase books directly from if they are $0.99 or less. If your book is more expensive or not available on amazon, please provide a copy for me to read.

If the book you would like me to review is part of a series, I will read only the offered book unless the rest of the series is provided. So if you ask me to review the third book in a series and do not provide the first two, I will read and review only the third book.

Posted Reviews

I will only post reviews for books I have completed. If I agree to review a book and find that it just doesn’t hold my interest, is difficult to follow, or is simply not enjoyable enough to finish, I will notify you via email with the reasons why your review will not be posted.

If I do finish the book, I will post an honest review whether I liked the book or not. That means I will post 1, 2, and 3-star reviews. Once my reviews are posted, I will not change anything about them (except spelling and grammar errors). I cannot be bribed to post a positive review if I did not actually like the book, as that undermines the whole point of a third party review. I promise that I will never bash a book. All of my reviews will be written in a professional manner.

I will only post reviews directly on this blog and GoodReads unless specifically requested to post elsewhere (amazon, barnes and noble, etc.)


Fill out the form below to submit your review request. I will respond via email either accepting or denying your request. After your request has been accepted, you can send me a copy of the book or I will purchase it from for $0.99 or less.

I will read the book and send you the link to the review once it has been posted. I cannot guarantee a certain timeframe for this process. Sometimes it will take only a few days, sometimes it may take months for me to finish your book. I will notify you if it will take longer than four months to post the review.


Submit a Review Request

To submit a request, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Author’s Name
  • Title of Book
  • Synopsis
  • Picture of Book Cover
  • Link to Amazon Listing (if possible)
  • Include a link to where I can download it for $0.99 or less. If your book costs more than $0.99, you will need to provide a copy. If you are willing to provide a free copy regardless, let me know. 
  • Any other information you would like me to know about your book.