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“Royal Deception” by Denae Christine

In a world where your class is decided by your shifting ability, Prince Symon is at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him, that also makes him a target of a mysterious and dastardly enemy that wants his kingdom…with or without his cooperation.

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The Sydney Valentine Series by Danielle L. Davis

I recently had the opportunity to read the first three books of Danielle L. Davis' Sydney Valentine series. The series is a police procedural following the investigations of detective Sydney Valentine. Sydney is a sassy, down-to-earth protagonist who has realistic...

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“The Games You Cannot Win” by M.K. Williams

Overall Rating:  Cover Rating: Effective. Aside from the words "A Collection of Stories" being too difficult to read along the bottom, I found the cover fit the content quite nicely. I will admit, I wasn't really excited to read this book. I didn't much enjoy the last...

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“I, Girl X” by Annalise Grey

Carleigh’s younger brother is suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness that is tearing her family apart. Carleigh turns to her journal for support in this emotional and stirring novel in verse.

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