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Overall Rating

Watch Out For: Language and a few “adult” scenes

I received a free digital copy of both Spirit Chaser and Melancholy Ghost to read and review as part of a blog tour with Lola’s Blog Tours. Since I was pressed for time, I decided to read them both and post a review on both books as a series, with most of the focus being on Spirit Chaser, the first book in the series.

Ghost Hunters meets Ghostbusters in this fun paranormal fiction series. Austin Cole is the handsome star of a very popular paranormal investigation television series called Spirit Chasers. Their job is to visit haunted places and catch video evidence of paranormal activity. Sometimes, if possible, they will try to close portals or force the angry spirits away. Every member of the cast has some sort of sensitivity to the paranormal — Thai can see auras, Gary can hear their whispers, Barrett is psychic, Bob has spirit guides and Juan is a Catholic ex-priest trained in exorcisms — except Austin.

Austin is both deaf and blind to the spiritual entities he hunts, but that doesn’t stop him. He has a reputation for running recklessly into danger, deliberately trying to get a rise out of ghosts and demons. Anything to get the ratings up. Unfortunately, Austin’s actions go too far when he catches the attention of a powerful and malevolent she-demon.

When the demon possesses and injures the Spirit Chasers’ psychic (and Austin’s closest friend), Barrett decides to leave the show. Austin is forced to find a new psychic. He finds and hires the incredibly talented, down-to-earth psychic Casey Lawson  But will Casey’s talents be enough to protect Austin and his crew from the demon who wants to destroy them?

The Spirit Chasers series is a fast-paced and exciting adventure that had me at the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put either of these books down! They were both full of fun twists and turns that really got my heart pumping. I was drawn to the series by the beautiful covers and I don’t regret picking them up.

There isn’t much more I can tell you about these books without giving spoilers. Trust me: they are fun! Scary, intense, and even funny at times.

Pros: As a Christian, I loved reading a series where many of the main characters were people of faith. I loved Casey. I found her personality likeable and real. I also enjoyed the fact that she wasn’t the normal cookie cutter standard of beauty and that she wasn’t super fit for no reason. I really connected with her as she struggled to keep up with the men in the crew. I cheered for her all the way.

Cons: The first chapter of the first book was very confusing. Too many characters introduced at once. The story floundered until Casey’s introduction. The plot meandered a bit at first before really taking off. I struggled to keep track of the action when the narration jumped from one person’s head to another so quickly. In one scene, the perspective could switch every paragraph between five people. It made me a little dizzy. Austin and Casey’s relationship felt odd to me, as well. It felt very rushed and forced. I wish the author had taken the time to let their relationship develop a little more organically, if at all.

Favorite Quote: “She definitely would have considered his offer to buy her a beer if he hadn’t been dead for over ten years.”

Kat Mayor’s Spirit Chaser series is available on Amazon. You can find the first book, Spirit Chaser, HERE. The second book, Melancholy Ghost, can be found HERE.

Leslie Colleen “L.C.” Ireland is an arts educator and writer. Her second novel, Follow the Music, will be available in March 2017. She currently lives in Ogden, UT with her amazing husband.