Plays for Kids

Did you know…?

In the state of Utah, arts education is a core subject.

Many teachers don’t know what to do with this requirement. That’s where I come in. I am an Arts Specialist. My job is to enrich the education of students (and their teachers) by integrating the arts with their other core subjects. My specialty is theatre and drama, so you can imagine what my curriculum is made up of: movement games, partici-plays, public speaking activities, and lots and lots of drama — including quite a few class plays each year. 

I’ve been working with students in a theatre/drama setting for ten years now. When I first started working with younger students, I found a big problem. There was a major lack of affordable, appropriate material for this age group. So I started writing my own. 

The response I received to these plays was huge. So I decided to publish them and share them with other educators and parents. Some of these plays were even written by elementary students and then edited by me. 

Each of the plays offered on this website have been produced multiple times in elementary school settings. They are kid-tested, administration-approved productions that teachers and students can’t stop talking about. As an added bonus, parents love them too! 

“When I heard my daughter was in a school play, I came prepared to pity-clap her through it. I was so surprised to find myself really laughing! I didn’t know kids could be so funny and clever.”

Sandra M.

Ogden School District Parent, UT

These plays can as simple or complex as your budget and time allow without sacrificing the story. The scripts are high-quality but inexpensive. You can use a single script to make as many copies as you need for your production, or you can purchase a bound script for each of your actors. The choice is yours. 

With these plays, you have all the freedom you need. Do you need to change a line here or there? Do you need to cut a few lines to make the show shorter? Do you need to change character’s genders, remove characters, or even add more to accommodate the specific needs of your students? Go ahead! 

Royalty fees are included in the purchase of the script. That means you don’t have to pay extra money for the right to perform these plays. If you’ve paid for even one script, you’re good to go. That means you can launch your own class play or after-school drama program for a as little as $5.