Because of Darin Children’s Play Script


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Class Set (20), Class Set (30), Single Script, Small Group Set (5)


A Short Comic Play for 24 Actors

6 F,  4 M, 14 E

When Darin accidentally destroys the cast list for the school play, he covers his tracks by writing a new one. The only problem is that he doesn’t remember who plays which part. Oh, well. Darin’s happy as long as he still plays the dragon. How will Darin’s classmates handle the unapproved changes to the cast? Now there are seven princes instead of one, Billy is playing a fairy, and the witch has been turned into a chicken. The show must go on…right?

Cast of Characters

6 F, 4 M, 14 E

The characters are listed below along with their suggested gender and number of lines.

F = Female   M=Male   E=Either

# of lines

Director (E)                                    11
Darin/Dragon (M)                            26
Billy/Fairy (M)                                 49
Student 1/Prince Steve(M)               39
Student 2/Prince 1 (E)                     56
Student 3/Prince 2 (E)                     54
Student 4/Prince 3 (E)                     56
Student 5/Prince 4 (E)                     52
Student 6/Prince 5 (E)                     54
Student 7/Prince 6 (E)                     50
Student 8/Knight 1 (E)                     17
Student 9/Knight 2 (E)                     16
Student 10/Witch (F)                       26
Student 11/Genie (E)                       17
Student 12/Zailey (E)                       12
Student 13/Railey (E)                       12
Student 14/Hailey (F)                       12
Student 15/Shailey (F)                     12
Student 16/Kailey (F)                       12
Student 17/Brianna (F)                     12
Student 18/Cousin Bob (M)               13
Student 19/Villager (E)                      24
Student 20/Fire(E)                            19
Student 21/Princess (F)                     11

Production Notes

Students 1-21 can be played by any character (except Director) according to the needs of your production.

Run Time

Because of Darin: The Perfect Play (Not!) should run for about 20 minutes


Because of Darin takes place in the following settings: A school yard or classroom, the palace, inside and outside of the dragon’s cave, the witch’s lair, and the village. These settings can be as simple or as complex as desired. The village should have some parts that can be “destroyed” by Fire.