Cinderella Hood Children’s Play Script


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Class Set (20), Class Set (30), Single Script, Small Group Set (5)


The classic story of Cinderella is turned on its head when the fairy godmother misses her cue. Without the fairy godmother’s help to get to the ball and fulfill her destiny, Ella takes matters into her own hands. Fed up with her bossy stepfamily, Ella runs away and joins Robin Hood’s crew of merry men. Will the fairy godmother be able to set everything straight and save the story? Or will Cinderella decide her own fate?

Cast of Characters

18 F, 4 M, 11 E

The characters are listed below along with their suggested gender and number of lines.

F = Female   M=Male   E=Either

Storytellers           # of lines

Narrator 1 (E)           35

Narrator 2 (E)           43


Cinderella’s Family

Ella (F)                          45
Stepmother (F)         26
Stepsister 1 (F)          34
Stepsister 2 (F)          33

Prince’s Entourage

Prince (M)                40
Page (M)                   12
Guard 1 (E)              8
Guard 2 (E)              8
Guard 3 (E)              8
Guard 4 (E)              8


Fairy Agent Holly  (F)        20
Fairy Agent Maple (F)       17
Fairy Agent Cedar (F)        20
Fairy Agent Yew (F)            22
Fairy Assistant 1 (F)             17
Fairy Assistant 2 (F)           16
Fairy Assistant 3 (F)            16
Fairy Godmother (F)           36

Robin Hood’s Crew

Robin Hood (M)              16
Little John (M)                 12
Merry Man 1 (E)              9
Merry Man 2 (E)              9
Merry Man 3 (E)              9
Merry Man 4 (E)              9
Merry Man 5 (E)              9

Production Notes

To accommodate a larger cast, you may have as many Partygoers as desired. The Partygoer lines can be split or multiple lines can be added according to your productions’ needs and desires.

Run Time

Cinderella Hood should run for about 35-40 minutes.


Cinderella Hood takes place in the following settings: Cinderella’s House, the Fairy Village, Sherwood Forest, and the Ballroom. These settings can be as complex or as simple as desired.