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My books are Middle Grade to Young Adult Fantasy appropriate for 4th-graders and older. I aim to excite and inspire my readers with tales brimming with adventure, humor, and magic. 

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With his ability to see spirits, an illiterate farm boy may be his kingdom's only hope against the undead... if he can keep from joining them. 

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The Fatal Series

Young Adult Epic Fantasy

Seven Sisters of Silverleaf

Young Adult Fairytale Fantasy

Seven sisters face wicked hags, dark curses, magical creatures, and their own hidden powers as they struggle to understand the secrets their parents left behind. 

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12-year-old Ama was born and raised in the Collective, a group of traveling religious performers who preach the Old Way. Ama's world is forever changed when she is kidnapped by bandits and loses her sense of hearing. 

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The Collective Series

Middle Grade Fantasy Survival